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In November 2016, one of Decideware’s clients in NYC kindly hosted an opportunity for agency executives to meet with Decideware and provide feedback on their usage of Decideware’s Agency Management Solutions.

Decideware will present at the joint ANA Advertising Financial Management Committee and the WFA Sourcing Forum meetings held on December 6-7th in New York.

ProcureCon Marketing, held in Los Angeles from November 14-16, 2016,  provided attendees with significant opportunities to understand how their colleagues have designed and implemented best-in-class agency Scope of Work programs.

Decideware is once again a proud sponsor of ProcureCon Marketing, which will be held at the Los Angeles Loews Hollywood Hotel, from November 14-16th, 2016.

In August 2016, the ANA and Decideware conducted a survey to better understand how companies are using data to manage agency relationships and how learnings from this survey can be applied to optimize client-agency performance.

Many organizations find it so challenging to administer and manage an agency relationship management program that they end up skipping one of the most important phases – Action Planning.

Managing Production Costs

Some recent commentary (post from Clive Duncan) discussed the current state of the advertising production market and highlighted a number of interesting changes in the market:

This year, one of our clients approached us to help them design and implement a global Scope of Work program.  

The ANA Masters of Measurement conference will be held from September 14-16th in Naples, FL at the Ritz Carlton. This conference focuses on measurement and how measurement can help marketers make better decision and ultimately improve efficiencies and ROI.

Over time, agency evaluation programs can run out of steam. Some reasons for this can include:

Decideware is once again proud to sponsor the ProcureCon Marketing meeting to be held at Loew's Hollywood from November 14-16th. 2016 marks the 5th year of Decideware's commitment to provide marketing & procurement teams with opportunities for education, personal development and networking via this conference (and 9 years in partnership with advertiser member organizations, including the ANA).

Agency evaluation programs are important but they do have challenges. One of the most important is designing what happens after the people working on the business have completed their questionnaire.

Adopting the world's best BI tools enables Decideware to help clients optimize their agency management programs.

Over the past 12 months, Decideware has invested in business intelligence software.  This BI layer makes the complex task of analyzing data and answering key business questions, a simple and quick process. 

In March, Steven Wales of Decideware presented a course at the ANA School of Marketing “Agency Lifecycle Management – Developing win-win agency relationships that deliver effective marketing campaigns”.

Yesterday, the ANA published the June issue of ANA Magazine which includes a special-section article by Richard Benyon "Surging Ahead: Getting stronger, faster, and better together. Trends and best practices for agency evaluations that build strong client-agency relationships."