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Recognising the ANA's Best of the Best



Decideware was proud to partner with the ANA to promote an initiative to recognise 2014's Best of the Best, honoring the top award winners from 2014.                                                                                                         
Congratulations to all the winners on showing excellence and leadership to execute great marketing programs in 2014.                                                                                                                                                               
See the winners all here;                                                                                                                                   



Successful ISBA Agency Issues Conference 

ISBA's 2nd Agency Issues Conference in London, 17 November 2014 was a great success.

The event proved popular with over 70 attendees representing advertisers including Microsoft, Unilever, BSkyB and Premier Foods.  

Featuring a strong roster of speakers, including the always on-song Gerry Preece (External View), Decideware's Steven Wales, and Terry Edwards from the event co-sponsor Firm Decisions, the event delivered on expectations and provided marketing procurement exec's with expert views on a range of important subjects.

Decideware was proud to be associated with this event as a co-sponsor.


ISBA's summary is available, here:




Successful ProcureCon Digital & Marketing Conference

The ProcureCon for Digital & Marketing conference in 11-13 November in San Antonio, Tx was very successful - well attended by a number of industry practitioners and well managed with a series of expert presenters and skilled moderators. This event continues to grow in size, the quality of the agenda & dialogue.
The discussion ranged across various marketing procurement subject matters inviting animated responses from the floor with discussions continuing on into the breaks.  
Decideware's Steve Wales' presentation detailing 3 approaches to managing scopes of work once again proved popular with the subsequent Round Table session attended to maximum capacity as the audience discussed challenges around scoping Inputs, Outputs and/or Outcomes.    

Decideware to feature at ProcureCon Digital & Marketing in Dallas next week.

Steven Wales, COO of Decideware, Inc, is a featured speaker at next week's ProcureCon for Digital & Marketing Services in San Antonio, TX.

Steve is  presenting a session entitled  "The Mechanics of Effective Agency Compensation" in which he will provide an overview and detail the proper mechanics of managing and measuring advertising agency compensation, regardless of the size of the agency, the amount of work, or the size of the advertiser.

This is, of course a topic of great interest to all of us working in marketing procurement.

Steven provides a succinct summary of the core message, as such "Currently, clients use different compensation models with their agencies such as: fixed fee, deliverable or outcome based, hourly rates, retainers and incentive compensation.  Regardless of the compensation model, it is vitally important that the work and fees are both managed properly, to ensure global clarity, and measured, to ensure agency efficiency".  

For additional details on the conference, please click here.




WFA Newsletter, Oct 14 links to Decideware whitepaper


A link to Decideware's whitepaper, Beyond Cost and Rates – a practical guide to understanding value  is available via the just released WFA news, October 14 edition. 




The Decideware whitepaper outlines a means to capture important information about agency costs and performance to better understand value.

The paper is also available on request, via




ANA Masters of Marketing Kicks Off!


Steve, Richard and Jennifer are representing Decideware at this year's hugely exciting ANA Masters of Marketing conference in Orlando, Fla.


See a quick video report from Steve: 





ANA Masters of Marketing

Decideware will be exhibiting and participating at the 2014 Masters of Marketing Conference fromOctober 15-18th, at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, FL. 

Decideware's Agency Lifecycle Management Platform helps CMOs eliminate waste, optimise agency spend to build bigger brands and manage better relationships. Decideware's clients include many of the world's best marketing organizations. 

The ANA Master's of Marketing Conference assembles the nation’s chief marketing officers and leaders from the agency and media worlds for the industry’s signature event. This conference offers an opportunity to learn and engage with the leaders of the marketing community who have built brands, leveraged the expanding array of media, made marketing more accountable, and improved the quality of their marketing organizations.

For additional information click here. Stay tuned as we bring you current headlines and details from the show.


ANA Masters of Measurement Conference 2014


Richard Benyon and Steven Wales are currently attending the first-ever ANA conference focused exclusively on measurement.  The “Masters of Measurement” Conference will provide attendees with practical ideas to improve marketing decision-making through measurement.

The conference will explore timely measurement issues including:

  • Cross-platform measurement
  • Developing and measuring return on investments
  • Attribution     
  • Predictive analytics
  • Targeting customers more effectively and efficiently
  • Taking marketing analytics in-house
  • And more!

Follow both Richard and Steven's twitter feeds  - @stevenwales and @rbenyon - and see Steven's first video blog on Decideware's YouTube channel.

Author: Jennifer Nickle (Decideware)


"Trimming the Fat" - 2014 AdAge CMO Summit

In what must be one of the most unusual CMO presentation I've had the pleasure of listening to, Matthew Jauchius, EVP & CMO, Nationwide Insurance, provided insights as to how he has used marketing efficiency to drive the effectiveness of their advertising budget.

With a background as a CPA, and having most recently worked at McKinsey's, Matthew put forward a compelling operational argument that looking to eliminate waste, in what he termed a "Seek and Destroy" mission, has had a huge impact on getting the most out of his $400 million budget.

Elimate waste

Key to his argument is that in looking to eliminate waste, as is been demonstrated by leading automotive companies such as Toyota, a wide range of different questions are asked (which he did not reveal!), and these not only drive down cost and inefficiency, but they can also have a remarkable effect on the top line.

He was also very clear in articulating that looking to remove waste is not a way to drive down agency margins. In fact, in his mind the word "Vendor" is poison to productive agency relationships. It's critical to understand that this is an important relationship with specialists which generates tremendous value for advertiser organizations and agencies. And it is vital that together, the client and the agency must be lean and transparent and act together to grow. The strength of the relationship can be measured using specific metrics related to, for example brand (awareness) and people (engagement).

Six Sigma principles

Nationwide use Six Sigma principles extensively as a way to look to reduced waste. Some examples Matthew provided were...
  • Motion - could you collate all your marketing teams marketing (and even agencies)?
  • Overprocessing - how many approvals for change orders and contracts?
  • Overproduction - are you producing printing that's not needed?
  • Wait time - how long does it take to get approval for work?

Repurpose what you save

One also has to be very careful to ensure that this is not a "finance sweep", and that the best way to avoid this is to repurpose what you save.
So as an example if a proposed campaign was going to cost $100,000, and by trimming waste it's possible to do this for a $80,000, then the $20,000 that has been saved can go to an additional campaign. In fact that Matthew pushes it even further because he takes that $20,000 demonstrated savings back to the business and asks them for an additional $5,000 investment.

Some results worth noting

Nationwide now have 31 people in marketing who are Six Sigma Green Belt certified. He estimates that last year they saved 18,000 hours of wasted time which equates to 11 full-time equivalent people. That also managed to decrease their production costs by around 30%, a huge savings by any measure!

Author: Richard Benyon (Decideware)


Steve presents at WFA Sourcing Forum, NYC 

Decideware, Inc. COO Steve Wales presented insights from the 2014 WFA & Decideware Scope of Work Survey at the WFA Sourcing Forum in NYC today.  
(Pic source: WFA)