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Below are the October articles of interest from key trade publications, with excerpts highlighting key take-aways. 

The end of 'an arranged marriage' - what the Ford-WPP creative split means for bespoke agencies


As Ford splinters its advertising business after a long marriage with WPP in favour of a “multi-agency” proposition, The Drum unpicks what happened behind the scenes and what it means for the future of dedicated agency models.

HP is sticking with its agencies because it does not want 'a one-eyed view of the world'


Brands like Renault, Unilever and P&G are experimenting with a new model which will see media and creative agencies merged, and more work brought in-house. They are confident that this approach will increase their creativity output, and bring transparency and greater control to their media spend, amongst others.

Five things every brand owner should know about the General Data Protection Regulation


In a recent survey of WFA members, 94% of companies said that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was important for their organisation. However, 70% said that marketers in their organisation were not fully aware of the implications of GDPR for future marketing campaigns. To address the knowledge gap, the WFA has created a new GDPR Guide for Marketers.

Inside The New Agency Holding Company Playbook


As the traditional holding company model declines, new models are rising as competition.
While the “big six” – WPP, Publicis Groupe, IPG, Dentsu Aegis, Havas and Omnicom – still rule, legacy structures and poor financial performance are causing their dominance to wane.

Purely transactional client / agency relationships are a ticking time bomb


While there is a place in our day-to-day lives for simple transactions, the agency environment isn't one of them.

Ford Introduces New Agency Model, Names BBDO as Creative Lead After 75 Years With WPP


Ford has selected BBDO as its new lead creative agency, concluding a global review launched in April. The move marks a major defeat for WPP, which has been Ford’s lead advertising partner for more than seven decades and counts the automaker as its largest global client.

Agencies Need to Break Down Old Barriers to Experience a Necessary Transformation


It’s no secret that the agency world is undergoing some drastic changes, and there’s much discussion about what the future of the industry will even look like. How will holding companies transform? Will the agency landscape even be recognizable anymore? On top of the structural changes, the industry is undergoing changes in hiring practices as it becomes more aware of issues related to diversity and other shortcomings in talent recruitment and retention.

Why Big Agency Names Aren’t Nearly as Relevant as They Once Were - Many struggle with self-promotion in a rapidly changing industry


Advertising pioneers like J. Walter Thompson and Raymond Rubicam built creative empires that dominated the industry for decades. That era may be nearing its end.

ANA Report On In-Housing Isn’t Telling the Full Story, Says 4A’s


Reports of the impending demise of marketing and advertising agencies are yet again making headlines, and are still greatly exaggerated.

Why agencies need to take the lead in ad tech transparency


The world’s biggest advertisers have called time on the lack of transparency in digital advertising.
P&G’s ad chief Marc Pritchard summed it up: “The days of giving digital a pass are over – it’s time to grow up. It’s time for action.”
However, agencies can only go so far if they are tied into contracts and relationships with non-transparent ad tech partners. It’s time for agencies to be bolder and hold all of our ad tech partners to the highest levels of transparency.

The WFA have announced its prestigious WFA Global Marketer of the Year Awards 2018 is now open to nominations.

Take advantage of the summer

The middle of the year provides a timely opportunity to touch base with your agencies.

WFA’s "Growing Pains" article

Image result for pain babyLaura Forcetti, Global Marketing Sourcing Manager at the WFA recently posted an interesting article (Growing pains: Marketing procurement is moving beyond the ‘misunderstood teenager’ years, WFA, 28 June 2018) about the maturation of marketing procurement, where she further highlighted opportunities for practitioners to change industry perceptions of the discipline.

Decideware is pleased to announce an extension to our Strategic Partner relationship with the World Federation of Advertisers. Decideware first partnered with the WFA in 2013, sponsoring events and participating in the WFA's Strategic Partners program and we are pleased to extend the relationship into its 6th year in 2018.

Below are the February articles of interest from key trade publications, with excerpts highlighting key take-aways. This month's selection includes articles on ROI in 2018, agency productivity, as well as GDPR.  We hope that you find this month's selections informative and valuable.

Decideware recently published an article, "5 Practical Steps to Increase Control over the Production Process and Gain Transparency" in the Industry Insights section of the ANA's Marketing Knowledge Center.  

The ANA West Coast Joint Production Management and Advertising Financial Management meeting will take place on March 1, 2018 at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, CA. 

Back in November, 2017, ISBA released guidance on the production competitive bidding process that has been under scrutiny lately in both the UK and the US.  As part of that guidance, they recommend Decideware as a potential solution to help solve transparency issues. 

Decideware recently published a Q&A article, "Stacy Jensen on Scopes of Work,  Agency Performance, Breaking Down Silos and More" in the Industry Insights section of the ANA's Marketing Knowledge Center.  

Decideware recently published an article, "Three Key Benefits of a Formal Onboarding Program" in the Industry Insights section of the ANA's Marketing Knowledge Center.  

Below are the November articles of interest from key trade publications, with excerpts highlighting key take-aways. This month's selection includes articles on "chief growth officer" roles, TV dominating ad spend, as well as how much ad agencies ideas are worth.  We hope that you find this month's selections informative and valuable.

The ProcureCon Marketing conference will take place from November 28-30, 2017 at the New Orleans Marriott.