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Managing Production Costs

Some recent commentary (post from Clive Duncan) discussed the current state of the advertising production market and highlighted a number of interesting changes in the market:

  • film-production.jpgThe advertising production market is depressed and rates are falling throughout the supply chain
  • There is some uncertainty about whether the discounts are being passed to advertisers, and if not, where are they going

Built with input from members of the ANA’s Production Management Committee, Decideware’s Production Manager offers marketing & procurement teams a resource to capture and manage all costs to find efficiencies and savings for reinvestment.

For marketers who’d like direct access to their own production data, Production Manager provides the means to capture and conduct timely analyses, then share reports with your stakeholders to inform decision making.      

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Steven Wales is Chief Revenue Officer for Decideware and works with many of the top advertisers in the world to help them more efficiently manage their agency relationships and overall agency spend.