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How to Build a Global Marketing Procurement Model during a Pandemic ...


As we settle into our new norm, virtual conferences seem to be the closest thing we are going to get to in-person conferences for some time. The recent ProcureCon Marketing webinar 2-day series offered topics spanning everything from identifying and maximizing opportunities in media, to recommendations for remote pitches, to using technology to your advantage, to innovating, lessons learned, and changing your agency or marketing procurement model.  

The content provided value to new entrants and seasoned professionals.

Homing in on the “How to Build a Global Marketing Procurement Model during a Pandemic” presentation by Carla Heri-Hoepker and Diana Laffert from Bayer, they laid out a roadmap and provided recommendations for how to implement a truly centralized global procurement operation that spanned 60 markets.

A few keys to their success were:

    • being agile, driving global standards, and easing complexity with processes and tools
    • staying focused on transformation areas and topics that provided value and mattered most to the business
    • keeping an open mind to new opportunities and changing the ways of working
    • engaging, engaging, engaging

The Bayer team has taken something complex and made it simpler. They have designed an approach that is flexible yet structured enough to meet their business goals.

As Diana Laffert stated, “transition leads to transformation.”



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