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Decideware Renews Thought Leadership Sponsorship with the ANA

Decideware is pleased to announce our continued relationship with the Association of National Advertisers. Decideware first began sponsoring ANA events in 2010 and became part of ANA's Thought Leadership program in 2011.

"Decideware is a great partner of the ANA and we're pleased to continue this long and productive partnership." said Bill Duggan, Executive Vice President of ANA. "Decideware continues to provide ANA members with thought leadership and advice to facilitate agency management excellence." 

We are proud to work alongside the ANA and its members again in 2016.

Founded in 1910, the ANA is an established organization that has been dedicated to educating and supporting advertisers for more than 100 years. ANA members include more than 660 companies with 10,000 brands.We are proud of our five year partnership and welcome the opportunity to provide more ANA members with access to Decideware's expertise. Partnering with the ANA is not only an opportunity for Decideware to share the best practices we've learned over the years, it's a chance for us to gain insight from some of the most exciting advertisers in the world. Our thinking is informed to a large degree by the work we do with ANA members in conducting agency evaluations, scope programs and so much more. We greatly value the opportunity to engage with the wider member audience and work together to find new solutions to the increasingly sophisticated world of agency management.