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Agencies and their Views of Evaluation Programs

Agencies are valued partners in advertisers’ evaluation programs. They act as respondents in the relationship surveys our clients conduct, often they’re invited to play a role in shaping the program, and certainly they will engage to act on the findings.

But we wanted to learn more, and in more depth about how agencies view evaluation programs. And we wanted to share those learnings with our colleagues in the industry.

So, with the support of clients, and the generous commitment of senior agency executives providing time and thinking to participate in this initiative, we’ve been conducting a series of  1-on-1 interviews to secure contemporary views and insights that we can all learn from.

In the near future, we’ll publish a paper that describes the process, tables the results and discusses the findings.

While not yet complete, we’ve already discovered some incredible insights that deepen our understanding of how agencies view evaluation programs. And how they value a process of: data capture transformed into insights; insights shared with stakeholders; programs developed to drive improvements across all levels of client-agency relationships, across all brands and markets.        

Noting, a further aim of this project is to help identify initiatives where all 3 parties (Clients, Agencies & Decideware) can look to make improvements to build (and in some cases rebuild) great evaluation programs. All aimed, of course towards driving highly productive relationships between advertisers and agencies to build brands and increase shareholder returns.             

Please look forward to the release of the paper – we think you’ll enjoy the insights we’ve gained from agency people committed to developing successful client partnerships, informed by reliable data and business insights.