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How to keep your agency evaluation process relevant and powerful

Over time, agency evaluation programs can run out of steam. Some reasons for this can include:

  • ad-agency.jpgThe original stakeholders move on
  • The original issues get resolved
  • The focus of the program doesn’t evolve to address the next set of questions and objectives

Once the investment has been made to develop an agency evaluation program and ensure that there is stakeholder buy-in, it is crucial to keep the program running in order to fully realize the investment. And also evolve the program to drive continuous innovation to help secure your Agency ROI. 

Four ideas to help evolve an agency evaluation program are:

1. Talk to your stakeholders.

Keep the lines of communication open and ensure that you hold regular meetings with all people involved in managing agencies to understand their issues and the questions they are currently facing. Understand that issues can change over time and may not be the same issues that you were facing 4 years ago. Also ensure that you speak with your agencies to understand their perspective.  Analyze all ideas and work to amend the program to reflect the changes that are needed.

2. Update the program.

Stakeholder needs and the wider marketing environment are constantly evolving.  It is important that your evaluation program evolves too. Give your program a make-over ever few years to ensure it remains relevant and powerful.

There are ways to retain the continuity of data for benchmarking and tracking while updating the program to stay relevant.  Decideware Advisory can assist with this thinking and help you achieve both goals.

3. Re-launch the program.

Promote the efforts you’ve made to consult and recalibrate the program to better meet the current needs. Thank those people who contributed their ideas and highlight and share all results as they come in to give visibility to gains.

4. Keep an open mind

It is important to remain open about how to best balance the need for change with the need for continuity. A stale program that isn’t evolving to meet new needs is less valuable than one that’s always evolving. Sometimes even small changes can have big effects and offer valuable insights for your agency management stakeholders and the agencies. And at times, a major refresh might be the best idea.

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