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"We Live in Decideware & We Love It"

One of the many benefits of our long engagement with the ANA’s Advertising Financial Management conference is the opportunity to meet an array of people who work in the business – representing marketing, procurement, finance and agencies.       

Enjoying the Cocktail Reception in the evening of Day 1, I was approached by the MD of an agency who greeted me with, “Hey, we live in Decideware, and we love it”.

Great way to start the evening!

But I had to ask “Why?”

Because sure, while it’s always encouraging to hear agencies are getting real value from the software, we like to take every opportunity to go deeper to learn and understand exactly why that’s so, and how we can provide even better value for all system users.      

Generously, the agency MD took the time to detail a few, but very important reasons why her agency loves Decideware, which can be summarised, a bit like this:

  1. It’s a central source to manage all their scopes of work with clients (We live in Decideware …)
  2. It’s easy and efficient to use, and it does what it’s supposed to do (… and we love it)

Does it need to be any more complicated than this in term of the benefits for agencies using Scope Manager?

Managing scopes is, of course an important process for agencies, because doing it effectively and efficiently across the client portfolio provides the best possible opportunity to partner with clients to design, price and manage work profitably.

But it’s not always easy to gather unprompted, genuine feedback from regular users of the system and as such, we consider that friendly, informative exchange very valuable indeed.