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Improving ROI with Business Intelligence in the Scope of Work Process - An Upcoming Webinar


To register for the webinar, visit:   http://www.ana.net/webinars/show/id/COMWWP-180419

Decideware_TL_Lockup.jpgThe use of analytics in Scope of Work Management can play a key role in maximizing the value and ROI that marketers get out of their agency management program.  Overall, this helps ensure marketers have the right team, working on the right assignments, at the right time.

Using analytics can ensure that marketers are getting the most from their program, including areas such as:

  • Setting up your agencies for success – how marketers can use analytics to match different types of work with the appropriate agency type and also identify the best compensation model for their agency.Business_Intelligence
  • Improving your Speed-to-market - how marketers can use analytics to track their workflow and improve their approval times so work can begin faster.
  • Getting the most from your agency partners – how marketers can use analytics as well as detailed staffing plans and to ensure that they have the right team, working on the right work, at the right time.
  • Stopping being a "Scope Creep" - how marketers can use analytics to ensure that they have the correct level of resourcing for work, being sure that it is tightly defined, thus getting more accurate estimates.

On Thursday, April 19th at 1:00 pm EST, Richard Benyon, CEO of Decideware, will present  "Improving ROI with Business Intelligence in the Scope of Work Process" in an upcoming ANA Thought Leader Thursday Series webinar.  For additional information and to register for the webinar, visit:   http://www.ana.net/webinars/show/id/COMWWP-180419Richard will discuss the items above and how Business Intelligence can maximize Scope of Work management.


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