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Ed McFadden on AdWeek's "What Do CMO's Actually Want in an Agency?"

At Decideware, we believe that the relationship curated between marketers and their agencies is inherently beneficial. There is no question that the interactions between them can lead to meaningful and sustainable success for both parties involved. We believe this relationship is the foundation on which marketers and agencies bring value to their customers in the marketplace. 

AdWeek tends to feel the same way. In a recent AdWeek article shared on March 9th, 2022, they explained key elements that industry CMOs report as the most important when working with ad agencies. 


Key points from AdWeek's "What Do CMO's Actually Want in an Agency?"

  1. Sharing a mutual vision of success is non-negotiable

  2. A functioning and synergistic relationship should keep its eye on long-term goals & performance

  3. Clarity in communications & processes underpin these high-value relationships


Here at Decideware, no one knows the intricacies of these relationships like Ed McFadden, Director of Advisory Services. His background in agency relationship management lends him expert-level insight into how these relationships can benefit marketers and agencies alike. 

               "The work that marketers and agencies do together can create affinity, sales, and even movements. Exciting and inspiring communications are built from powerful partnerships that effectively assess the working relationship and consciously utilize the agency as your greatest ally. To set the stage for such a partnership, brands must thoroughly understand their own capabilities and limitations, engage complementary external partners, and give a clear understanding of their role and assignment. As indicated in the AdWeek article, agencies must in turn check their egos at the door, be clear about their own strengths, and embrace collaboration. These types of partnerships lead to innovative, breakthrough work which Cannes Lions, Forrester, and others repeatedly show lead to better business outcomes. "

Clarity is foundational to making confident strategic decisions in your marketing spend and agency relationships.  Decideware's robust Agency Lifecycle Platform serves as an engine to generate the clarity you need. Reach out to us at to find out how we can help enhance and sustain high-quality relationships with all your agencies today.