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Introducing Decideware University - Agency Management eLearning

Introducing Decideware University - Agency Management eLearning. Providing clients with 24/7 access to expert agency management tutorials and Agency Onboarding programs to educate and activate your agency stakeholders.

Agency Management eLearning

Decideware University – Agency Management eLearning is a comprehensive, 24/7 online training resource specifically designed to help clients & agency stakeholders acquire the skills and knowledge they need to better manage client-agency relationships and performance.  With many years of experience in marketing, marketing procurement and agencies, the Decideware team and our expert contentpartners have distilled valuable IP and made it available to you and your stakeholders.

Agency Onboarding

And with the Agency Onboarding module, we can curate your authorized content to more efficiently educate and activate your agency stakeholders. And following that onboarding, we can coordinate periodic or continuous education, training, accreditation and/or compliance.  

Decideware University offers advertisers:

  • Marketing & Procurement - Agency Management Training and Expertise
    • Access to a variety of courses authored by Decideware– Agency Management experts – including Agency Evaluation, Scope of Work Management, Managing Production, Briefing Agencies, and Agency Selection.
    • Content to train new stakeholders on the benefits of effective agency management and the ROI of agency evaluation and scope management programs.
  • Agency Onboarding – Educate and activate your agency stakeholders
    • Educate agencies on imperative topics such as your business structure and branding guidelines while ensuring that they are compliant with your internal processes.
    • Provide ongoing education, training, accreditation and compliance as policies and procedures are revised and updated.
  • Real-time training offered 24/7
    • Your training is consistent and current.
    • Training is available 24/7 – no need to worry about coordinating training across multiple time zones.
    • Participants can take training courses at their convenience - which means they’re more likely to be receptive to the training.

Distilled from Decideware’s thought leadership expertise and delivered via our purpose built eLearning technologies, Decideware University offers fast and proficient learning to quickly onboard all internal and agency stakeholders engaged in managing agencies. 

Decideware is fortunate to have on-staff, executives accredited to conduct ANA training programs and credentialed in adult training and education.  

For more information about Decideware University and how we can help you skill your stakeholders – please contact 


D04893_DecidewareUniversity-Logo_170727.jpgDecideware's Agency Management Solutions provides many of the world's best marketing & procurement practitioners in large advertisers with the industry's best solutions for agency selections, agency evaluations, agency briefings, production management and agency scope of work programs.    

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