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Decideware client hosts successful agency partner focus groups leading to product planning ideas

In November 2016, one of Decideware’s clients in NYC kindly hosted an opportunity for agency executives to meet with Decideware and provide feedback on their usage of Decideware’s Agency Management Solutions.

Spread over 3 meetings in a dedicated agency-centric day (where each meeting was confined to a single holding company), we discussed how agency staff engage with the solutions, their satisfaction with the tools, their ideas, questions and suggestions for the future.

Having received requests to run focus groups directly from various agency stakeholders, we were pleased to respond and capture their valuable feedback.

While the feedback was very positive, with comments such as “It literally does everything we need it to do”, there were also some great ideas which we intend to incorporate in our product and services planning discussions.

We’re grateful to our hosts and the agency leaders who took the time to attend and share their views. And we look forward to repeating this valuable process.