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More Agency Focus Groups Generate Valuable Learnings

In early February 2017, with the valuable support of a New Jersey based advertiser client, Decideware facilitated 4 focus groups over 3 days with advertising agency partners who work actively in the Decideware Agency Management Solutions system.

The purpose of the research program was to understand the existing attitudes of agency users, their current practices in engaging with the Decideware solutions and to float their ideas for product improvements.

Overall, the feedback from agency staff was amazingly positive with comments about the software such as “It’s seamless and useful” and “It’s clean and easy to use” voiced by participants in all of the groups.

The sessions also generated more detailed feedback and ideas about potential product improvements that will be reviewed within Decideware for considered inclusion in the Product Roadmap.

Generally speaking, Decideware’s product research program is proving invaluable to fully engage with and understand client and agency requirements to advance our Agency Management Solutions as the industry standard platform for major advertisers managing agency relationships and performance.