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Is there a Fast Evolution Happening in Agency Management?

With rapid growth over the past 18 months, we've acquired many new clients coming to Decideware with greater ambitions for scale, productivity and ROI than we might have seen in the past. And established clients are lifting to greater heights faster than ever.

Are we witnessing a fast evolution around the demand for enterprise agency management systems?

(OK, we're hedging on calling it a revolution just yet, but it's not far off that idea)

We think yes.

Many clients recently upgrading to enterprise with Decideware, and those who have been with us for years are seeking to work at elevated levels of complexity, scope, and ambition. Specifically, they want to tap into enterprise software that delivers benefits beyond process efficiency gains.

Process efficiency gains are, of course important, valuable and readily available and commonly that's what advertisers hoped to secure with a Decideware subscription to enable their client-agency management programs in the past. They sought and they secured, benefits from client & agency people better enabled to work together, faster deployment times, lower labor costs to complete tasks, immediate access to data and analytics, and shorter scope cycle times, by way of some examples.


But process gains are pretty much a given in this new mindset and now we're meeting ever growing demands for clients and their stakeholder to access the data they're generating in their systems, to conduct analyses to feed senior decision makers. Clients are working, for example with stakeholders in Finance, Marketing and agency partners to optimize their mix of their investments and the performance of the many variables in-play. Simply put, with greater, more immediate visibility into costs, the work, assets, staffing, performance, etc - they're better informed and more able to make significant improvements.

But beyond even those very significant benefits, we're working increasingly to enable clients where marketing procurement is partnering ever more closely with Senior Marketing Leadership to drive marketing decisions to support the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Clients are evolving fast in this realm, while for a few this is in fact their entry point; and in-tune with the market we're providing clients with fast and timely access to custom generated data, bespoke analyses and precise decision inputs which empower better management of marketing variables, at any level of analysis.

Looking across this value chain, we know clients are choosing the levels of value they are ready to access, but increasingly, as more advertisers are rapidly evolving their approaches to agency partner programs and Marketing investment strategies - they want to access all 3 simultaneously. Why not. It's all there.