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ISBA Refers Members to Decideware to Address Production Transparency Issues

Back in November, 2017, ISBA released guidance on the production competitive bidding process that has been under scrutiny lately in both the UK and the US.  As part of that guidance, they recommend Decideware as a potential solution to help solve transparency issues. 

See:  The Production Competitive Bidding Process_November 2017

ISBA's overall goal with the document was to:

  • Outline production transparency issues and provide their members with an objective view of all the perspectives of concerned parties (DOJ, AICP, ANA and APA).
  • Educate their members so that they could have productive dialogues with their agencies regarding these issues.

ISBA invited a panel of experts and created a forum for each party to outline their perspectives on the issues at hand and provide potential solutions for their members.  They discussed various topics that are outlined below:

  1. Market Conditions are Changing -The panel discussed how market conditions are impacting both clients and agencies and the results of these market conditions. Signficantly, there is a greater demand for more content for less money with faster turnaround.  
  2. Territorial Disputes- In a production environment, where there is a demand for more complex projects, lower costs and pressure on profits, agencies now also face greater competition from IT/Management Consultancy firms, client demand for in-house production and in-house content providers. These "territorial disputes" are not expected to disappear, but may increase. 
  3. Jargon Buster - In this section, the group clarifies between the various in-house service offerings:  
    • Network owned in-house production facilities 
    • Agency in-house production facilities 
    • Client in-house facilities 
  4. Competitive Bidding Process - The article overviews the process behind the search and selection of a production partner and discusses the past and present state. 
  5. Potential Solutions - The article agrees with the ANA that the solution lies in the better management of the production process and that the clients need to take more ownership.  They suggest that clients understand the different options available and and choose the best solution available to them.
    1. One solution that they identify is Decideware -"a tech solution - to help solve the transparency issue".
  6. Advice for ClientsAnd in closing, the group provides final advice to clients including:
    1. Having open and honest conversations
    2. Be aware of the production selection process
    3. Have the right skills to make the right decisions

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