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WFA’s "Growing Pains" article

Image result for pain babyLaura Forcetti, Global Marketing Sourcing Manager at the WFA recently posted an interesting article (Growing pains: Marketing procurement is moving beyond the ‘misunderstood teenager’ years, WFA, 28 June 2018) about the maturation of marketing procurement, where she further highlighted opportunities for practitioners to change industry perceptions of the discipline.

The article highlights a number of more advanced practices that skilled sourcing teams have in place, including delivering on business objectives to position Marketing Sourcing, as;

  • Trusted advisors
  • Change agents
  • Partnership guardians
  • Owners of the marketing sourcing domain
  • Value drivers

Laura then speaks about the WFA’s Project Spring initiative, ‘designed to build on this opportunity and improve perceptions of marketing sourcing performance, highlighting its value contribution to the business’.

Project Spring will seek to support marketing procurement experts as they progress along a path to maturity across 5 key domains identified at WFA Sourcing Forums, namely Process, People, Performance, Place and Partners.

Notably, the WFA will also conduct a broader survey this summer to provide all WFA members to submit their views.