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2017 WFA Global Marketers Week Wrap-up

The speaker line up was great, the content was powerful, the networking was effective and the Samsung Virtual Reality Booth was . . . well, . . . it was just cool! 


Of course, we're talking about the 2017 WFA Global Marketers Conference, held in Toronto Canada. 

The WFA, in association with the ACA (Association of Canadian Advertisers), pulled out all the stops.  With hundreds of people from dozens of countries around the world, this conference did not disappoint. 

Steven Wales, Chief Revenue officer for Decideware, attended the event and tweeted during the conference day with some great insights from the likes of: 

One of the biggest points, made by Ian Chapman-Banks, was regarding insights and data.  Ian was talking about artificial intelligence and how marketers today have a plethora of data at their fingertips to help drive targeted marketing and more informed business decisions. 

While the data is not in short supply, too many people look at the data and try to get instant insights from it.  However, Ian said: 

“The secret to uncovering great insights, is not about asking questions, it’s about understanding what to ask.”  

At Decideware, we’ve found this to be an essential part of any client’s understanding of their marketing investment and how that investment is driving business results.  Companies can collect hundreds of data points about their agency spend, from hours to rates and from seniority mix to deliverable complexity.  Understanding what questions to ask of this data is key to putting that data to work for you in a visual, meaningful and actionable way.