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Process & Participation: 2014 WFA/Decideware Scope of Work Survey Series - Part 2

As part of the Scope of Work survey, the WFA & Decideware explored the Scope of Work process, as well as overall participation.  We also wanted to look at the role Marketing Procurement's involvement in this area.  Below are the results as well as commentary from the WFA regarding the findings:

Scope of Work Process & ParticipationWFA-logo-SCRREN

Who owns the SOW management process?


WFA Commentary

    • Responses point to a split in the approach taken by members.
    • Although 50% rely on marketing to manage the SOW workflow, as many as a third leave this to marketing procurement.
    • Over time we will see how this evolves, but for now we can see that ownership of this process has no clear trend.

Who participates in the SOW management process?


WFA Commentary

  • As you can determine from the chart above, in 90% of cases it is marketing procurement and brand marketing that are involved in this.
  • However, the marketing capabilities / operations role is often used by some respondents to manage the agency relationship and, for over one third of respondents, performs a role in SOW management.

How well do you feel that Marketing Procurement assists your Marketing Department in managing your Scope of Work program?


WFA Commentaryscope-procurement-chart

  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, given that this survey was mostly responded to by marketing procurement, there is positive sentiment towards the role being played by procurement in assisting marketing teams.
  • 70% of respondents feel that procurement adds value to SOW development program.

Download the WFA/Decideware Scope of Work Survey

The World Federation of Advertisers, in conjunction with Decideware, conducted a survey to provide a better understanding of how major advertisers manage their scope of work programs.

The survey was conducted as a partnership between the WFA and Decideware in early summer 2014. Nineteen companies took part in this global research with responses coming mainly from marketing sourcing specialists. While results are not statistically relevant, they are indicative of the thoughts and actions of global multinationals within WFA membership.

For additional details regarding the survey, visit