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7 WFA Partner Predictions for 2022

Robin Seasock, Decideware's Chief Operating Officer, discusses marketing predictions that will shape the future of marketing for 2022 in an interview with WFA and other strategic partners.

7 WFA Partner Predictions for 2022


Clockwise from top left: Maddy Cooper (Brilliant Noise), Paul Kemp-Robertson (Contagious),
Lucinda Peniston-Baines (The Observatory International), Valeria Piaggio (Kantar), Robin Seasock (Decideware), Magid Souhami (Global Data Bank), Matt Wardle (OxfordSM)


Over the last two years, advertisers were forced to pivot and shift their approaches to marketing – some companies were prepared, others were caught off guard and struggled. The advertisers that will thrive in the future will adapt based on superior access to data and insights.” 

Hear more from Robin and six other industry experts below.


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