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ANA/Decideware Data Survey featured in ANA Slideshow "How to Build a Better Agency Relationship"

It is well-known that a strong relationship between a client and an agency can bring about great work, often resulting in more business and better brand success. The ANA has released an interesting slideshow proposing techniques for clients to build a stronger relationship with their agencies.

Building strong relationships is not easy and does not come quickly, as it takes time to build confidence and trust. The slideshow references a book “The Art of Client Service” by Robert Solomon which outlines 5 key tips to improve the relationship between a client and agency:

  1. View Agencies as Valued Business Partners - Only 12% of marketers rate their agency's contributions as 'very valuable'. The key is to enter your partnership with the goal of respect. Understand that your agency is a critical part of of your brands' success.
  2. Write Better Briefs - 58% of clients say they provide clear briefs yet only 27% of agencies agree. Writing clear, concise briefs is the foundation for successful creative so ensure that you provide the right level of detail about your advertising goals and expectations. 
  3. Use Data Across the Board - In a recent study between Decideware and the ANA, Using Data to Manage Agency Relationships, What's Important to Marketers, 90% of marketers said the use of data in managing agencies improves efficiencies. The use of data has multiple applications and can result in better decision making and process efficiencies.
  4. Connect the Agency with your Finance Teams- Agencies appreciate being paid on time so connecting them with your finance team to understand your company's invoicing processes will benefit not only your team so finance understands where money is going, but also agencies so there is a sense of partnership. 
  5. Check in Regularly- Ensure that you are holding regular check-in meetings with your agency after they have been briefed and connected with your finance team. These regular check-ins can provide additional clarity and understanding for your agencies reducing rounds of revision.

To view the entire slideshow visit: ANA Slideshow