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Nestle & Decideware’s Business Intelligence Journey : ANA Presentation


At a recent ANA West Coast committee meeting, Olga Payne (Nestle Purchasing Manager) and Richard Benyon (Decideware Inc CEO) presented a one hour case study on how Nestle has successfully applied Business Intelligence to their Scope of Work program.

Getting a Solid Scope of Work Foundation in Place


Olga described how Nestle started a process around 2008 to standardize the collection of their North American Scopes of Work. In over a few years, they were able to progressively structure their collection process using Excel, and standardize their scope “meta-data”, most critically to create a well-defined list of the types of deliverables that their agency create.

In 2011, Nestle engaged Decideware to assist with a software solution in order to accelerate the workflow and data collection elements of their process. The idea was to improve the ability to collect and approve their Scopes of Work from all Nestle business units, and also to create a repository of granular data across their main agency types, including creative and digital. Using this central repository, they were able to undertake analytics using standard Decideware “canned reports”, or extract to Excel and conduct further analysis using Excel type pivots. By the time 2015 arrived,  over 400 Scopes of Work were captured each year, a significant data pool has been created for benchmarking purposes.

Welcome to the Visual Dashboard


Recently, the bar was raised even higher. Both Nestle and Decideware collaborated on building a marketing procurement dashboard, using best-of-breed BI technology, in order to undertake high-speed, visual analytics.

This dashboard was designed to answer the key question “why are some agency costs for deliverables so different?" This is of course is of critical importance to the CMO, as getting the best value from agencies is a driver to improve brand performance through optimal “investment” of budget.

Olga highlighted that key to the success of the dashboard has been the ability for the Nestle team to dynamically interrogate the data (“one click analysis”), and present it to their marketing colleagues, who respond very well to high-quality visual presentation. No more 3 day turn-arounds needed to answer vital questions, presented on somewhat boring spreadsheets!

And the story doesn’t stop here…


With new dashboards created to answer core business questions, an extension to new categories of agencies, and expanded use internationally, we hope to report back with even more success stories later in the year when I co-present on the same topic with Kate Short (Nestle Marketing Procurement Group Manager) to a wider audience at Procurecon Marketing.

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