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Decideware is a proud sponsor of the Women of Influence insight series in partnership with Producers & Procurers iQ

We are pleased to announce that Decideware are proud sponsors of Women of Influence in partnership with Producers and Procurers IQ.



Here are some of the women highlighted
in the 
Women of Influence series



Analisa Goodin - Founder and CEO of Catch&Release


Authenticity is Key

“As clients move towards [authenticity], they will need tools that will help them do it and do it well. It impacts the intern right up to the CMO and everyone touches that experience.”

Born and raised in the Bay Area San Francisco, the heart of Silicon Valley, it is perhaps unsurprising that Analisa Goodin is the founder of a fast-growing tech platform startup.

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Michelle Wong - CMO of  Sprinkles


Women In The Room

“I always look to the women in the room because I know we have shared experiences and they will help me and each other. That is something that can’t be overlooked.”

From kitchens to pitches, Michelle Wong talks about life at agencies, Leo Burnett and Daileys,
and her new role as CMO of Sprinkles, the US premium cupcake company.

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Jo Coombes - Project Director of AdGreen


Carbon Calorie Counter

“It’s a bit like going on a diet: you want to weigh yourself first so you know where you are starting from. The next step is looking at the calorie intake, then working out what you need to cut out. It’s the same principle with emissions from production activities – some have a bigger impact on the overall footprint than others. Knowledge is power, you need to know what is happening so that you can make the right decisions.”

From production to climate change, Jo Coombes, Project Director of AdGreen, explains how she plans to make production teams carbon literate, inspiring them to reduce emissions and waste. 

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The Women of Influence insight series is published in partnership with Producers & Procurers iQ. Thank you for your support in helping to inform our industry.