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Women of Influence insight series in partnership with Producers & Procurers iQ - Part 2

Decideware are proud sponsors of Women of Influence in partnership with Producers and Procurers IQ.



Here are some of the women highlighted
in the 
Women of Influence series




Pamala Buzick Kim - Executive Director at FREE THE WORK

Behind The Camera

We focus on what goes on behind the camera. We statistically know that if you have a director who is from a marginalised community then you will have a production set that is more diverse. Representation is important because it impacts a story.”

As Executive Director at FREE THE WORK, a nonprofit initiative dedicated to identifying systemic inequalities and expanding access for underrepresented creators, Pamala Buzick Kim’s work in advocacy and inclusion is grounded in her own background and career trajectory.

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Emma Sexton - Founder & CEO of Hands Down Agency

In-House Agency Fear

“At the time, if you got a job in-house, it was unlikely you would get a job in an agency again.It was as if your career was over. It’s all ego as far as I’m concerned”

Emma Sexton’s exposure to agency life started as young as 16. Fresh from school, and “hungry to learn”, she made her way through local creative agencies in Ipswich, England, trying to gain as much
experience as possible in graphic design. 

Instead of studying at university, she did a foundation year, moving to London at 23 to start a career in design. Although this gave her hands-on experience, it was her MA in Design Management at The London College of Communication that “propelled my career” and “opened my eyes to business”, she says.  

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Tina Fegent - Marketing Procurement Evangelist

Strategic Partners

So much has changed since then….good marketing procurement are great strategic partners… they are really calling the shots more than they ever did”. I think the last 18 months have done us a lot of favours. We are definitely more on the top table than we ever were.”

As one of the better known names in the marketing procurement space, Tina Fegent is a marketing procurement Evangelist. Having started out in marketing procurement before marketing procurement even started out itself, her career has seen her move from brand to agency to consulting, and everything in between. 

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The Women of Influence insight series is published in partnership with Producers & Procurers iQ. Thank you for your support in helping to inform our industry.