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Decideware is Growing - Adding a New Production Manager Client ...


Decideware is proud to support advertisers and agencies to enable and grow their DE&I programs to achieve significant benefits.-1

Last month we landed a new client whose goal is to better govern their advertising production spend.

This well-known CPG advertiser manages many household brands, supported with very significant creative, production and media budgets.

The production governance team approached us with an interest in deploying Decideware’s Production Manager solution to automate and improve their existing processes, which rely primarily on a database which does not provide in-depth analysis needed for today’s dynamic production governance environment, or fast report generation.

The client has an expert team in place, running mature and well-designed systems; they sourced our purpose-built and fully featured Production Manager technology, with an aim to;

1. Secure process efficiencies

2. Gain faster access to information, more easily, to inform spend decisions

We are excited to have another large advertiser subscribe to the Production Manager tool, because;

1. We are helping another advertiser to solve a big problem

2. The tool is at its first level of maturity and as such, it is fully featured, fast to deploy and provides clients with immediate access to benefits

3. The roster of clients and production/agency partners working to manage many $MM of spend in the system is driving further innovation, across;

a. Decideware’s software design of Production Manager

i. Where of course, in our true SaaS model, all clients and stakeholders access the benefits of that continuous innovation, every time

b. Design of our production governance Services offer

c. Design of our production governance Business Intelligence offer 


Decideware Benefits Graphic (Retainer)_Jun21-

For more information about Decideware’s Production Manager, please contact;

Steven Wales, CRO @ or
Robin Seasock, COO @