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How Pfizer is managing its global agency roster...

Pfizer and Decideware collaborated recently on an Association of National Advertisers (ANA) article where Pfizer shared their vision for managing its global agency roster. 

As one of the largest multinational biopharmaceutical companies in the world, they opted to take a practical, staged approach to harnessing their robust agency information into a centralized database. 

Ultimately they envision combining the agency provided details with scope-of-work and performance information to paint a holistic picture of the agency relationship.  The expectation is that this robust database that is capturing institutional knowledge will help expedite and streamline the agency selection process for all parties.

Click here for a copy of the article “How Pfizer Is Managing Its Global Agency Roster” and to read about the steps the global advertiser is taking to build a central repository for agency information.  This leads to a registration for the article within our website, and/or we provide a link to the article on ANA website.