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Four key categories for successful question sets

One model you can use to help understand agency performance looks at a “Value Multiplier” – the two main elements all agencies should excel at; Strategy (their thinking) and Core Outputs (including creative ideation). In order to deliver this, the agency needs a set of “Enablers”, specifically their people, and their processes (including their financial management).

Using this model the questions can be summarized into these four key buckets: strategy, core outputs, people and processes:


The first area around great strategy and thinking ability looks at questions around their business (e.g business knowledge, strategic agility, learning ability, best practice sharing) combined with great creative (e.g. creative ability & channel mix, effectiveness of outputs, core creative idea) and enablers (people & process within the agencies), equals great success that is focused on outputs and ROI rather than agency departments (on which many traditional questions sets focus).

For a copy...


For a copy of the detailed question set template that is derived from the Value Multiplier explained above, please contact Richard Benyon at or 415-813-3332.

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