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Three Key Benefits of a Formal Onboarding Program

Decideware recently published an article, "Three Key Benefits of a Formal Onboarding Program" in the Industry Insights section of the ANA's Marketing Knowledge Center.  

Marketing and advertising have a higher turnover rate than most other industries. And every company is unique in its culture, processes, and overall mission — and needs to protect its investment in developing its employees.

Therefore, training and onboarding are essential and unavoidable elements of business. The article examines how you can go about providing the best onboarding program, who can benefit from the program and three key benefits of a formal program.  

Who Benefits from a Formal Onboarding Program

A formal onboarding program using an e-learning platform can extend across the business and affect all primary stakeholders, ensuring the training goes full circle. Those primary stakeholders include:

  1. Internal Client Staff -With so much to learn upon entering a new role, a formal onboarding program can ensure that new team members are educated on many things with internal processes among one example. The article explores all these examples and the benefits resulting in this program.
  2. New AgenciesAgency onboarding is notorious for being a rush of new information in a short period of time as clients want to begin benefiting from their agency investment as soon as possible. The article explores the benefits of a formal onboarding program and how it can result in a comprehensive program, ultimately benefiting both parties.
  3. New Resources Within an Existing Agency - With high turnover rates within agencies, the need to efficiently and quickly get new resources acclimated to the client's business is critical. The article discusses how a formal onboarding program can benefit these new resources.

Three Benefits of a Formal Onboarding Program

Clearly, a formal onboarding program can extend across the business. The onboarding process does not need to be so daunting.  Implementing such a program has three key benefits:

  1. Process Efficiency - The article explores how a formal, modular learning method provides a concise learning experience and ensures the content is consistent, guaranteeing all stakeholders are receiving the same information in the same way.
  2. Optimizing Investment - Through an elearning, formalized process, all stakeholders are onboarded in a timely manner and can begin work sooner, thus optimizing resources.
  3. Risk Mitigation - The article addresses the various industry's needs regarding regulation and compliance and how a formal, elearning onboarding program can quickly respond to the everchanging needs of the business. 

Thankfully, through a formal onboarding program, primary stakeholders across the business can effectively and efficiently preserve what is most valuable to any business: knowledge.

To read the article in its entirety visit Three Key Benefits of a Formal Onboarding Progam

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