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Celebrating 2022 Decideware Scholarship Recipients @ Michigan State University AD+PR

This month Decideware is excited to share our continued support of Michigan State Advertising and Public Relations (MSU AD+PR) students this scholarship year. Here at Decideware we recognize the value of enabling as many bright minds as possible to pursue higher education; we hope that these scholarships are a modest but impactful step in that direction.

Decideware wants to recognize and congratulate MSU AD+PR students Taliah Martinez and Alayna Seaberg. Both of these amazing scholars over the past year have shown a deep desire to learn, excel within the curriculum, and support their fellow students along the way. It is an honor to aid them as they continue along the paths of their young career. They were gracious in providing their perspective on the Decideware Scholarship on their studies:

Words cannot express how thankful I am to have been chosen as one of the two Decideware Advertising Scholarship recipients. My education and pre-professional career have been of utmost importance to me throughout college, and to be rewarded in this way is very surreal. Thank you very much to the donors, as well as those who chose me as a candidate to receive this great honour. The scholarship will go a very long way for me financially, which I am beyond grateful for. Thank you so much! – Taliah Martinez

 “I am so grateful to be a recipient of the Decideware Advertising Scholarship for the Fall 2022 semester. Without the support of family, peers, educators, and companies like Decideware, I would not have been granted the many opportunities I have been able to experience throughout my undergrad at Michigan State. Thank you to everyone who has seen and supported my potential, and I express my deepest gratitude to the donors and those who selected me for this award. Knowing that I have unwavering support at Michigan State keeps me motivated to continue my hard work into my future career and beyond.” – Alayna Seaberg


VJ Ratnam, Decideware CEO commented on how this program was part Decideware’s commitment to supporting excellence in the marketing and advertising community

Decideware has a deep commitment to the advertising community and this program provides us with an opportunity to provide at least some assistance to deserving people about to begin their career journeys.

When we listen to the stories of the scholarship recipients, it is both an exciting and humbling experience. We’re excited for them, and all the students in their cohort, and we wish them the very best in their future endeavours.

This sponsorship was formed in conversations with our good friend Greg Taucher, Professor of Practice @ MSU AD+PR and we want to recognise his commitment to educating MSU students.”

VJ Ratnam, Decideware CEO.



Greg Taucher, Professor of Practice @ MSU AD+PR is a principal agent to recognize in the creation of the Decideware Scholarship Program. His dedication and commitment to his students is something we recognize and honour through this program. As a long-time friend of Decideware, we want to commend Greg on his contributions to the MSU AD+PR community.

The Decideware Scholarships are not only recognition and investments in a student’s pursuit of academic excellence, but the scholarships are also investments in the future of the advertising industry. These scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated their acumen up and down the advertising management curriculum, with particular focus on courses and seminars where Scope of Work planning and management, along with client/agency P&L forecasting, and client relationships are emphasized.” – Greg Taucher, Professor of Practice, MSU


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