Agencies are valued partners in advertisers’ evaluation programs. They act as respondents in the relationship surveys our clients conduct, often they’re invited to play a role in shaping the program, and certainly they will engage to act on the findings.

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Most agency management programs help companies manage their agency relationships, deliver process efficiencies and savings. But did you know there is more untapped value that Marketing isn’t getting that can help brand teams make more informed decisions and deliver insights to the leadership team to help drive Marketing strategy? During this webinar, Decideware and LinkRFx will share with you how to move up the value pyramid to deliver more strategic value. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Stronger marketing investments are possible when Marketing, Operations, Procurement, and Finance collaborate and optimize agency management
  • Marketing Procurement isn’t all about cutting costs, they can be enablers for marketing leadership for brand planning and measuring brand/agency activity against topline marketing strategies  
  • A well-designed agency management program delivers insights for swift decision making


Which president is this quote attributed to... "Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining"?

So what can you do to get the comments you need from your agency evaluations for meaningful action planning?


The Importance of Writing Effective Eval Comments

Are you simply using the "volume control" for your scopes of work? Or are you making sure you have the right mix?

Do you have the right mix


Bored, tired, listless? Is your agency evaluation process getting  stagnant?

How to Keep Agency Eval Prog Relevant


Take advantage of the summer

The middle of the year provides a timely opportunity to touch base with your agencies.

These Northern Hemisphere summer months offer advantages in that the speed of business is relatively a little slower.

Marketers and agency teams might have a little more time to step back, think about their client-agency relationships and complete an evaluation survey.

There is no such thing as a perfect agency. While many companies place a considerable amount time selecting which agencies they choose to partner with, sometimes even the "perfect agency" seems to lose its shine after the actual workload begins.

Decideware, in partnership with the World Federation of Advertiser, will present "Agency Evaluation: Results from a 2017 Joint Survey" on September 21st at 10:00 am EST. 

Richard Benyon, CEO of Decideware presented  "Advancing the Agency Evaluation Process" at a April ANA Procurement Series webinar, along with client-side input from Jim Zambito of Johnson & Johnson and Joyce Costello of IBM.

The ANA has just released the June issue of FORWARD, and included is a cutting-edge thought-leadership article by Richard Benyon, CEO of Decideware, titled"Why the Right Scope of Work is So Important: An Effective Scope of Work Ensures the Right Work Gets Done in the Right Way".

Richard Benyon, CEO of Decideware, will present  "Advancing the Agency Evaluation Process" in an upcoming ANA Procurement Series webinar, along with client-side input from Jim Zambito, Executive Director, Agency Relations and Finance Controller of Johnson & Johnson.

In August 2016, the ANA and Decideware conducted a survey to better understand how companies are using data to manage agency relationships and how learnings from this survey can be applied to optimize client-agency performance.