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Integrated Agency Management Using Scope of Work and Agency Evaluation

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in an ANA procurement series webinar in conjunction with Stuart Sueltman, Assoc. Director – Agencies, J&J Consumer Companies and Yoandra Mordan, Manager - Global Marketing Group, J&J Global Corporate Affairs.
Stuart and Yoandra were involved in the J&J implementation of the Decideware agency lifecycle platform, managing the scope of work and evaluation components respectively. The webinar focused on components needed to deliver programs in one of the largest advertising organizations world, addressing both both process and human issues.

The Agency Management Program


Stuart and Yoandra discussed the progam objectives and the challenges that they faced. One of the key elements that they highlighted is the way that they involve marketing and agency stakeholders in the change management process. 

Agency Evaluation


Yoandra provided specific advice in the area of agency evaluations, highlighting the importance of the formal debrief meetings between J&J and the agency. She also informed attendees about the rigor with which they analyzed the data and how widely distributed reports are within the marketing organization.

Scope of Work


In discussing the Scope of Work program, Stuart highlighted the importance of aggregating data. His team were tasked with analyzing the work that was being undertaken and the resources applied by the agency, not to look for cost savings but rather to optimize the outcomes.
Author: Richard Benyon (Decideware)
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