Decideware recently published an article, "5 Practical Steps to Increase Control over the Production Process and Gain Transparency" in the Industry Insights section of the ANA's Marketing Knowledge Center.  

The ANA West Coast Joint Production Management and Advertising Financial Management meeting will take place on March 1, 2018 at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, CA. 

Back in November, 2017, ISBA released guidance on the production competitive bidding process that has been under scrutiny lately in both the UK and the US.  As part of that guidance, they recommend Decideware as a potential solution to help solve transparency issues. 

On February 22nd and 23rd, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) held the annual combined meeting of their Production Management and West Coast Advertising Financial Management committees.

In early February 2017, with the valuable support of a New Jersey based advertiser client, Decideware facilitated 4 focus groups over 3 days with advertising agency partners who work actively in the Decideware Agency Management Solutions system.

The West Coast chapter of the ANA's joint Production and Advertising Financial Management Committees will be taking place on February 22-23rd at Warner Bros, Los Angeles.

Managing Production Costs

Some recent commentary (post from Clive Duncan) discussed the current state of the advertising production market and highlighted a number of interesting changes in the market:

Data provides greater insight into ad production costs.

Brands spend a lot of money on advertising to reach their audiences, and production costs are a big part of the investment. It's always important for advertisers to weigh the costs of production with the required quality of the end product and advertising objectives. Simply cutting costs could result in less effective campaigns with negative outcomes bigger than the production cost savings. That said, advertisers want to optimize their investment and get the best value for the money. 


At the upcoming ANA Joint Production Management and Advertising Financial Management, West Coast Chapter meeting on Feb. 25, 2016, Steven Wales will lead a discussion on the parallels between managing scopes of work and production budgets. Participants will be engaged in a discussion about their steps to standardize global data, centralize it and apply analytics to get the most from agency scopes and production budgets.

This ANA Thought Leadership magazine features 2 new articles from Decideware.

Similar But Different, the Unique Challenges of Marketing Procurement” by Richard Benyon explores the key similarities between Marketing Procurement and Procurement – and argues that while there are distinctions in the marketing environment there are tools and techniques that can be successfully applied across both business environments.

Making the Most of Your Production Spend” also by Richard furthers the argument that value and not lowest cost should be the goal of successful production spend management,  and that access to reliable, timely production spend data is necessary to allow reliable analyses.