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Ed McFadden and Agency Roster Management – ANA AFM 2022




Decideware can't wait to see everyone attending the ANA Advertising Financial Management conference May 1st – 4th in Orlando, FL. We’re confident this year will be one of the best to share thinking, problem solving strategies, and network within our industries. Punctuated by two years away due to COVID-19, the return to togetherness is very welcome indeed.

Decideware CCO Ed McFadden will be speaking at the event on dimensions of agency roster management for large advertisers. With increasingly complex marketing mixes and our own business structures becoming more dynamic, we must consider the strategy behind how we structure our agency rosters to drive marketing success. With 25+ years of agency relationship management experience, Ed has developed a deep understanding of the variables that influence a purposeful agency roster that drive tangible business results.

Ed on the necessity of a properly designed agency roster:

“As a marketer or procurement professional today, we rarely get the opportunity to develop an agency roster approach from scratch. More often we inherit a mix of partners that might have made sense at one time, but like an overgrown garden could use some pruning, transplanting, new life, etc.  Having a process to think through the factors that impact the ideal mix of internal and external partners and establishing a vision for those working relationships is essential to crafting a roster approach that complements your team and delivers against your goals.   

What makes this more challenging is that there is no single best practice.  What works for one advertiser won’t necessarily be right for another.  The roster development process needs to look beyond the next campaign to detailing the overall work, the internal structure, culture, and capabilities and incorporate the company’s vision to create a tailored agency approach.  That process will also drive decisions about how the agencies will or won’t work together, establish goals for each relationship, and lay the groundwork for future evaluation and direction.”


The ANA Agency Financial Management conference runs May 1st – 4th, 2022 in Orlando, FL. Ed’s presentation and much more will be shared in the beautiful JW Marriot Orlando - Grande Lakes hotel Monday through Wednesday. For more information on the ANA Advertising Financial Conference, visit:

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