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Decideware Extends Strategic Partner Relationship with the WFA

Decideware is pleased to announce an extension to our Strategic Partner relationship with the World Federation of Advertisers. Decideware first partnered with the WFA in 2013, sponsoring events and participating in the WFA's Strategic Partners program and we are pleased to extend the relationship into its 6th year in 2018.

"Decideware has been a valuable partner for the WFA and we're pleased to continue this productive relationship." said Robert Dreblow, Global Head of Marketing Services of WFA. "As our Strategic Partner, Decideware helps add depth to the value we offer WFA members in areas including effective agency management." 


We are proud to work alongside the WFA and its members again in 2018.


Through our partnership with the WFA, Decideware has provided this thought leadership at WFA sponsored webinars, WFA Sourcing Forums and joint research studies. Our goal in 2018 is to expand our partnership to offer access to e-learning content via Decideware University, valuable content hosted on the WFA Global Knowledge Base and collaborating on a project to offer members access to the Marketing Procurement Maturity Assessment Diagnostic.

The WFA is the only global organization representing the common interests of marketers. It brings together the biggest markets and marketers worldwide, representing roughly 90% of all the global marketing communications spend, almost US$ 900 billion annually. The WFA champions responsible and effective marketing communications.

Partnering with the WFA is not only an opportunity for Decideware to share the best practices knowledge we've acquired over the years, it's also a chance for us to gain further insights from the top global advertisers. Our thinking is informed to a large degree by the work we do with WFA members in providing software & services to help clients conducting agency evaluations, scope of work programs and enhanced agency management programs. We value the opportunity to collaborate with this global network of skilled professionals to evolve and improve the increasingly sophisticated world of agency management.


DW_logo_web_300pxls.jpgDecideware's Agency Management Solutions™ provides many of the world's best marketing & procurement practitioners in large advertisers with the industry's best solutions for agency selections, agency evaluations, agency briefings, production management and agency scope of work programs.    

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