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The WFA and Decideware deliver at Sourcing Forum, Singapore

Late last year the WFA and Decideware partnered to deliver a seminar to WFA Sourcing Forum members in Singapore.

Well attended with more than 30 dedicated marketing procurement executives visiting the GSK regional head-quarters for Asia, the WFA’s Laura Forcetti skillfully facilitated the seminar entitled “What Does Mature Marketing Procurement Look Like”.  

Following a brief introduction to the session, in the first exercise the participants discussed worksheets detailing key features of mature Agency Evaluation programs and mature Scope of Work programs – with market knowledge initially provided by Decideware serving to generate in-depth conversations from the practitioners.

Next, after self-selecting into 1 of 2 groups, each group went about a collaborative process to design The Perfect Agency Evaluation program (Group 1) and The Perfect Scope of Work program (Group 2) where the prior documents and conversation was consolidated into a form of best-practice. 

A brief wrap-up featured highlights of both exercises aimed at reinforcing key learning points.

Viewed as highly successful, the WFA has discussed plans to run the program again in 2019.


The WFA’s Sourcing Forum

Boasting over 700 marketing sourcing contacts around the world, the WFA’s Sourcing Forum has been referred to as a group of “enlightened marketing procurement specialists”. The group meets in person in New York, Singapore, Shanghai, London and Paris.