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ANA Webinar: Applying Business Intelligence to Marketing Procurement & Agency Management


ANA Business Intelligence Webinar Details

Learn how leading companies are using data visualization techniques to uncover new insights and make more effective decisions in managing their marketing spend. This webinar, presented by Richard Benyon, CEO – Decideware, Daniel O'Brien, Global Business Analyst – Pfizer, and Diane Gibbons, Global Procurement – Pfizer, will look at how to apply business intelligence tools to analyze agency budgets and performance using the wealth of available marketing procurement data. Understand how well-constructed dashboards can assist you to better explore this data, distribute critical knowledge within your organization, and optimize all areas of agency management (including agency selection, scope of work, performance evaluation and production budgeting).

WHEN: Friday, April 10, 2015 at 1:00pm

Richard Benyon
Decideware, Inc.

Daniel O'Brien
Global Business Analyst

Diane Gibbons
Global Procurement

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