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Decideware’s Client Summit – "Enabling Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programs"


Decideware’s Client Summit – Enabling Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programs
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has always been on the agenda for large advertisers, but this year DE&I shot straight up to the top of the agenda and that’s reflected in conference designs of the industry member organizations – the WFA and ANA, for example. Across the marketing landscape, DE&I has risen as a priority and advertisers are building out their programs.

"Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not buzzwords or a trend. While it is clear that diversity is more visible at the moment, approaching this as a "check-the-box" problem to be addressed will not generate the desired results. When an organization decides to pursue programming in this space, it is critical to build with the intent of understand, learn, and change.”

Damian Branch, Professional Services Manager, Decideware


At the Decideware Client Summit last week we dedicated the discussion solely on DE&I. With nearly 50 participants from around 30 of the world’s largest companies, we facilitated a forum to share ideas about how to evolve, enable and progress DE&I.

Key points of discussion, included;

1. There are a number of drivers to provide momentum for continuous program improvement, including but not limited to compliance with government regulations, access to government funds, addressing corporate objectives, and creating important business, economic and societal gains

2. Specific to our industry, Advertisers are focused on engaging minority owned businesses, understanding the diversity make-up of their client-side and agency teams, ensuring advertisements are representative of their audience, and lifting the economic impact advertisers are having on disadvantaged communities

3. Notably, Advertisers are working closely and productively with their agency partners to pull these opportunities through

4. Many advertisers are now partnering with Decideware to automate their DE&I related processes, so data collection and analytics are made simpler for both the advertiser and their agencies. Across Decideware’s Agency Lifecycle Platform we’ve delivered enhancements to the modules to provide greater support to capture and process DE&I data. And Decideware’s Business Intelligence assets are being continually refined as we design and provide actionable information to more and more stakeholders.


Decideware is proud to support advertisers and agencies to enable and grow their DE&I programs to achieve significant benefits. These are timely and important initiatives, which benefit us all.