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Applying Scope of Work to Deliver Value


Decideware 's paper Beyond Costs and Rates - a practical guide to understanding value, discusses the cutting edge of Marketing Agency Management - i.e. measuring Agency Cost, Resource Planning and Agency Performance data to determine Agency Value.

This release in Decideware's "Innovation Series" looks at the important issue of using Scope of Work to manage agency value, and how to understand if you are getting the most from your agency spend.

Aligning marketing, agencies and procurement through better Scope of Work management


The paper outlines a new way to use Scope of Work to view three critical dimensions of marketing agency management (Agency Cost, Resource Mix and Agency Performance) which can be benchmarked and tracked to determine agency value.

The paper details a pragmatic process to combine these 3 measures to provide better insights agency value - which then creates opportunities to drive better outcomes for marketing, procurement and your agency partners.

Download our Scope of Work Innovation Paper

Decideware's Innovation Series aims to provides marketers and procurement executives with best-practice thinking about key issues in marketing/procurement. The Innovation Series focuses on sharing knowledge that is relevant to managers wanting to deepen their understanding of marketing/procurement and leveraging great results from agencies. 

Author: Richard Benyon (Decideware)