11 Tips for Agency Evaluation Feedback Success

Posted by Richard Benyon on Dec 12, 2015 9:44:59 AM


What is agency evaluation feedback success???


I was recently researching the "people-centric" aspects of Agency Relationship Management, especially focusing in on how and why to collect feedback. I found a great definition for success.

"Creates and/or reinforces focused, sustained behavior change and/or skill development in a sufficient number of individuals so as to result in increased organizational effectiveness."

Carol Timmreck and David Braken created 11 guidelines for initiating and sustaining 360 feedback in performance reviews. See these 11 Tips for Agency Evaluation Feedback Success 

How many do you think have direct usage in delivering critical feedback to strategic suppliers and marketing agencies?

11 Tips to get there


1) Make sure the program sponsors within the organization have clear expectations for the process

2) Make sure the program sponsors understand the implications of their process-design decisions

3) Use pilot groups

4) Train both Evaluators (those who fill out feedback) and Owners (those who deliver the reports)

5) Train the managers who will use the data for decisions

6) Communicate progress frequently and thoroughly

7) Hold evaluators responsible for their input

8) Involve evaluators in feedback and action planning

9) Hold Owners accountable for de-briefing suppliers and action planning

10) Implement follow-up processes to ensure compliance

11) Provide adequate resources for coaching, counseling and skill development

Author: Richard Benyon (Decideware)

Reference: Harvard Business School Press, Managing Performance to Maximize Results

(Note, I have taken the liberty of changing some of the terms above to make them more appropriate for the management of agencies)


Research performed by the Multisource Feedback Forum.

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