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ANA's Advertising Financial Management Conference & Our Deep Partnership

Decideware is again a proud sponsor of the ANA's Advertising Financial Management Conference, this year April 28 – May 1, in Phoenix, ARIZ.

In fact, as we’ve done for years now, Steven Wales will welcome all the attendees to the event Monday morning right ahead of Bob’s Opening Remarks.

Continuing our decade long Thought Leader engagement with the ANA and its members, we will again be contributing to member education with Richard Benyon serving as a facilitator at the Breakfast Roundtables hosting a discussion around how best to manage scope of work programs.  

The timing of this session is good as we’ve seen the roster of clients using Scope Manager growing rapidly as more advertisers upgrade to enterprise with Decideware.

Notably, an important factor driving that growth has been that Marketing Procurement teams are increasingly wanting to develop their own pool of data & analytics, to help Marketing Leadership to make important decisions that impact the productivity of their agency partnerships purposed to build brands.

Zorina Crooks, who leads Decideware's Services department will be attending. The past 12 months has seen Zorina very busy guiding new clients in various markets to deploy Scope Manager, and assisting established clients to expand their programs globally.

Robin Seasock is attending. Robin heads Decideware's Account Management function, she brings deep client-side expertise and has been instrumental in recently creating well-attended Client Workshops which have already produced valuable opportunities for new and experienced practitioners alike to hone their skills in building great agency management programs.     

ANA FM 2019


As our good friend Bill Duggan said recently in announcing this year’s conference, “ … the Advertising Financial Management Conference … is my favourite”.

Same for us, Bill!

Which is why we’ve been supporting the event since 2010 and we’re always excited to meet our many, many clients in attendance as well the great new friends we make every year.

With a terrific list of presenters and a real focus on issues that matter to advertisers and their stakeholders, we expect this year’s ANAFM might well be the best ever.