Marketing and procurement teams engage us to provide solutions to address workflow, efficiency, relationship and ROI objectives. Our direct clients are executives in the Marketing and Procurement function, who ultimately work to the CMO and CPO.


Decideware's clients include many leading and well-known advertisers across many industrial sectors, including:

Automotive, Banking & Finance, Oil & Energy, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Industrial Goods, Services, Technology, Utilities and others.


We work with global marketing & procurement teams, where they are charged with improving agency relationships, performance, processes and ROI.


Decideware has approximately $1.2 billion in approved Scope of Work fees, 35,700 relationships evaluated and over 29,500 active marketing and agency users.


Our clients each have their own marketing & procurement objectives, advertising spend, agency rosters and procurement resourcing so we work to develop custom solutions which are adjusted to requirements as engagements evolve over time.


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Case studies

Decideware provides custom solutions to help you manage your agencies for
greater mutual success.

Scope of Work Case Study

2 years ago, a top US advertiser came to us wanting to improve their systems to manage scopes of work.

They were using email and spreadsheets and it wasn’t working all that well. Access to data was slow and difficult and there was no consistency in the way scopes were treated. They wanted new technology, a faster, smoother, more flexible and efficient system. And they wanted detailed and reliable data to inform their decisions about buying agency resources.


With a small marketing procurement team, they insisted upon value for money from Decideware and they didn’t want to burn a lot of time learning how to use or maintain the software. 

We conducted an analysis of their requirements, at our cost, and developed a proposal to deploy the Scope Manager module. On approval, we engaged our services team to assist the client to prepare their side of the program, we trained all the client and agency stakeholders, we configured the system and prepared it for launch. With testing successfully completed we launched on time, on-brief and to-budget. 


The system has now been expanded globally as an effective and consistent system across many territories and serves as the backbone of their scope management program.


Download our Scope of Work Whitepaper

Scope of Work Whitepaper: The Right Team on the Right Business