Marketing and procurement teams engage us to provide solutions to address workflow, efficiency, relationship and ROI objectives. Our direct clients are executives in the Marketing and Procurement function, who ultimately work to the CMO and CPO.


Decideware's clients include many leading and well-known advertisers across many industrial sectors, including:

Automotive, Banking & Finance, Oil & Energy, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Industrial Goods, Services, Technology, Utilities and others.


We work with global marketing & procurement teams, where they are charged with improving agency relationships, performance, processes and ROI.


Decideware has approximately $1.2 billion in approved Scope of Work fees, 35,700 relationships evaluated and over 29,500 active marketing and agency users.


Our clients each have their own marketing & procurement objectives, advertising spend, agency rosters and procurement resourcing so we work to develop custom solutions which are adjusted to requirements as engagements evolve over time.


For a complete client list, please contact Steven Wales at

Case studies

Decideware provides custom solutions to help you manage your agencies for
greater mutual success.

Agency Management Platform Case Study

3 years ago, one of the world’s top advertisers initially bought 3 of the Decideware Agency Lifecycle Platform modules, and subsequently bought 2 more to optimize performance and adopt the whole Platform.

Despite the inevitable staff changes on the client side, the system has consistently helped their marketing and procurement teams to improve their agency management systems: to save time, cost, inefficiencies, and grow their capacity to build brands.

They cite significant financial benefits through use of the system and benefits arising from their ability to improve the performance of every marketer and every agency. And so their engagement with Decideware continues to grow.

They view the platform as central to their agency management ecosystem, providing an integrated suite of modules within a single platform.

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